Savannah Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Savannah Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a federal crime it is important that you act quickly to start building your defense. An accused individual, whether of moderate means, rich or poor, has an absolute right, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America, to be represented by a federal criminal defense attorney at all stages of the proceedings. Court appointed attorneys are good attorneys and federal public defenders are some of the most hard working, experienced attorneys around. However, if you want to hire a private federal criminal defense attorney in the Savannah, Georgia area I can represent you. Your right to be represented will be protected by this office. I am an able and experienced Savannah federal criminal defense attorney willing to represent you for a moderate fee not beyond your ability to pay.

In any criminal case, a highly skilled, thoroughly experienced, and single-minded assistant or United States Attorney is on an around-the-clock retainer for the plaintiff. Cloaked with the majesty of his office, and armed with the investigative powers of the federal police force, the U.S. Attorney is able to build his case to his satisfaction long before the accused even has a chance to obtain a federal criminal defense attorney.

Thus, if you are accused of committing a crime in federal court, it is very important to hire a tough Savannah federal criminal defense attorney who is capable of defending your rights. If you have been arrested, charged or investigated for a crime, I can help you. If you have been arrested, I will assist you or a family member in getting you a bond hearing immediately.

I am conveniently located in downtown Savannah near the U.S. Federal courthouse. If you need a federal criminal defense lawyer in the in the Savannah Division; the Statesboro Division; or the Brunswick Division of the Southern District of Georgia, make an appointment to come meet with me for a free consultation. If you hire me to represent you, I will zealously defend you and assist you in every step of the process. I will explain the elements of the crime, the burden of proof, what the Federal government must show, and any defenses you might have. No case is too small or too complex. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation.

If you have been questioned or charged with a federal crime, call me at (912) 244-3999 to schedule an initial consultation so we can sit down and talk about the facts of your case and so that we can be proactive.