Georgia Slip and Fall

In Georgia slip and fall cases injuries frequently occur because of the condition in which property is maintained. Many of these accidents are trip and fall injuries caused by the condition of traversed areas. The causes of trip and fall injuries increase in number and variety as materials and methods used in construction vary, the uses to which premises are put multiply, and the objects that find their way onto walkways increase in variety.

Georgia slip and fall is also referred to as “premises liability” and is a specialized form of negligence. In most Georgia slip and fall cases, you will need to establish the typical elements of a negligence claim:

  1. Duty.
  2. Breach of duty.
  3. Causation.
  4. Damages.

Since Georgia slip and fall is based on the law of negligence, the question of “legal duty” arises in many cases with slip and fall injuries. The legal-duty issue is often phrased like this: Should the law impose a legal obligation on the defendant to act for the benefit of the injured party? Though the formulation differs from case to case, courts typically inquire whether the injury was foreseeable to the defendant in a Georgia slip and fall case. The court might also consider the likelihood of injury, the degree of danger, and the ease with which the defendant could guard against it.

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